Author: kvg13


I read Tarot.  I read images, archetypes, symbols, patterns.

To uncover specific answers to specific questions.

To help my clients gain insight into what they may encounter on their path forward.

To find empowering solutions to challenging situations in their lives.

 My favorite question to ask the cards: 

“What is the next right action?”


KI Road


Why Temenos?

In ancient Greece, Temenos was a piece of land that was considered sacred, set aside from ordinary life and dedicated to worship, a sanctuary, a safe space.

Carl Jung used the term to indicate a space within us (psychologically and spiritually speaking) where we are able to engage – safely – with the unconscious, and “bring to light” that which urges us to grow.

When I read for you, this means in a very literal sense “holding the space”, being present, witnessing, and making sure you feel safe to share your story, so together we can find the best next step to move you forward.