What kind of reading can I expect from you?

Fair warning: I’m no good at general “tell me about my life in the next three months” readings. Way too broad for me, not my zone of genius.

What I am really good at, is helping you figure out the right questions to ask RIGHT NOW. The ones that will uncover blind spots. The ones that will empower you to act, to move forward, to have agency in your own life.  The ones that give direction as to what is your next right action to serve your highest good.

Because asking the right questions is really at the crux of working with the Tarot.

What does that mean? Several things:

  • The Tarot responds best when given a specific scenario to “check out”, rather than a general inquiry. 

Example: “What should I do with my life?” is super-broad and will give you an answer that reflects just that: “Go be courageous and follow your heart and hone your trade and be happy…errrh”.

Not what you were looking for, right? Much better to think about specific options and see what energies surround those choices for you ” Should I go to culinary school?” or “what will happen if accept the job that scares the sh*t out of me because I’m not sure I can actually pull it off?”

  • Open-ended questions only, please. 

For starters, “Yes or No” questions are a…non-starter (pun intended!). The Tarot reflects the most probable outcome, not the “absolute truth”, so you are really painting yourself in a corner with this kind of question. Not helpful.

The better question would be “what is the potential for a relationship with this person?” or “what will be the outcome if I am being brave and ask this person for a date?” See what I mean? You’re still getting information, but much more empowering, because now you can go deeper and ask “what’s my next right action?” or “what is the message I need to hear now about this issue?”

What’s your ethical framework? 

My intention for all my clients is to provide information that will empower them to make the best choice(s) possible. To take the best action for all involved (or take no action at all – that happens too!) to move them forward on their path towards a life that is happy and meaningful and has them express their highest potential.

Also, anything you tell me is confidential and will not be repeated outside of our communication. Unless you tell me that you are intending to physically harm yourself or someone else, in which case I will try to get you the professional support you need to find a different solution.

Please note that I am not down with taking away another person’s free will or hurting others energetically or physically – definitely no “sticking pins” into anything or anyone! If that is how you roll, I am not your reader.

I just booked a Skype reading – now what?

Email me at archetypecoaching@gmail.com with three time slots that will work for you. I usually can can schedule your reading within 72 hours or less. At the moment, I am able to be flexible and can accommodate evening and even some weekend appointments.


Are there questions that are off-limits?

I will NOT answer legal or health-related questions (“will I win my court case?” or “do I have _______(fill in terrible disease)?”.  These issues are best left to a lawyer or a doctor.

Although you CAN ask what you can do (or stop doing) to get through a health or legal challenge in the most effective way possible.


Why “Free Will Tarot?” 

What a Tarot reading uncovers is never written in stone – thank god! The cards will show a trajectory – “keep going down this path, and this will likely be the experience you’ll encounter”. Depending on whether you like what is uncovered, you can impact the outcome by adjusting your perception and actions.

One of my favorite questions to ask the Tarot is “what is my next right action?” And in a Free-Will-Universe you then have the choice whether you want to take the cards’ advice or not.

That said, there is no “right or wrong” choice, no judgement. There is only your decision that will determine HOW you will move forward on your soul’s path.

Creating “Temenos”

In ancient Greece, Temenos was a piece of land that was considered sacred, set aside from ordinary life and dedicated to worship, a sanctuary, a safe space.

Carl Jung used the term to indicate a space within us (psychologically and spiritually speaking) where we are able to engage – safely – with the unconscious, and “bring to light” that which urges us to grow.

When I work with you, this means in a very literal sense “holding the space”, being present, witnessing, and making sure you feel safe to explore your story, so together we can find the best next step to move you forward.

If you have a question that has not been addressed here, please contact me: archetypecoaching@gmail.com


medusa in the church[Image Source]