“Karin is amazing. Her readings go beyond the superficial, she helps you ask the right questions and the results are phenomenal, it’s like going to therapy but better.

She is super honest and I truly find that refreshing. Her readings have a depth and insight that is very rare in this field. I highly, highly recommend her.”

Eva P., USA


“I’ve done two Tarot readings with Karin, and witnessed several of her readings with others. Karin blows me away each time.

She has an incredible gift. She has an astounding intuition around interpreting cards and asks the most poignant questions. Not only is her energy soothing, authentic, and powerful — it’s very easy to feel safe with her.

I’ve had some amazing realizations in her presence.  If you’re looking for some deep insight into life’s toughest questions, I highly recommend a Tarot reading with Karin.”  

Sirsa S., USA


“Karin is the real deal.  Her intuition and knowledge of the cards make her readings spot on. 

I have had several readings with Karin and always come away with new insights.  She is able to help me ask different questions when I am stuck with an issue that always opens up a new way to relate to my issue. 

Her passion for what she does is evident and I always feel like I can move forward after a reading.  I highly recommend her to anyone.”

Susie G. , USA


“Me, prior to my reading…bona-fide skeptic. After my reading? Truly optimistic.

I was nudged to give Karin a go from a friend who was probably tired of hearing me complain.

Because I needed answers, I finally relented and opted for a Skype session. In my head, I felt I needed to see this person who was going to read into my life, but at the same time Skype kept me at a safe, noncommittal distance.

To get the most out of my reading, my friend encouraged me to avoid questions that could be answered with a “yes,” or “no.” Knowing this, I still struggled with how to phrase my one question. However, Karin actually made that whole process easier. She took my vague question and guided me through the process of drawing out more of what I was looking for to form further questions I didn’t realize I was seeking answers to.

Karin never talked at me. She talked to me. I never felt intimated, or out of my element. She explained each card so well that it was never over my head. It was all very relatable, which made me feel at ease. I came away from the reading really surprised at how much I got out of the reading and how I much enjoyed the session. I look forward to doing a future session in person!”  

Grace C., USA


“The reading for me has systematically addressed the different issues surrounding my question. 

I feel like this gives me more insight into my own choices /hidden tendencies/unconscious desires…[…].. 

The next right action – This was the most significant part of the reading for me, specifically your point about focusing on the emotion in order to manifest the outcome….[…]…

After reading your email again, it seems like I have a conflict of practicality (get enough money) versus emotional satisfaction (do the kind of work that I like).  

Thanks again for this reading, certainly has given me a lot to think about!”

Aruna T., India


I love getting readings from Karin.  She has a unique gift for reading the Tarot and its iconography and interpreting its message as it relates to what you are seeking to uncover about yourself.

She’s guided me to many insights that have helped shift my thinking, and that’s invaluable.

Tom B., USA


“Spot on!!!

My mental energy has gone into this so much over the last three months, searching for answers, seeking psychics and their answers etc etc. I have come up with nothing but have learnt a lot.

And I have also learnt that no one is responsible for my happiness other than myself. […].  In conclusion, your reading resonated a lot with me…”

Lauren G., Australia


“Thank you so much for my reading. It has been highly insightful and has given me some points to think about.

It was clear and well worded and has helped clear my head to enable me to decide what to do :)”

Sarah D., UK


“Firstly thank you for sending this reading so quickly.

What an incredibly accurate reading. You hit the nail on the head with everything you said. […]….

I don’t know if that makes sense, but, after reading your thoughts, I know I MUST let go. Old habits die hard…  

Thank you so much for your guidance. You are truly gifted.”

Amy B., UK


“Wow, what a slap in the face your reading was – in a good way!

I need to wake up from my denial and get out of this situation that will only continue to hurt me.

Thank you for your insightful reading and the kindness with which you delivered the tough news to me. I feel truly “seen” and ready to make my move.”

Maria S., USA


“Thank you for a very interesting and insightful reading, it is very much appreciated. 

I think you hit the nail on the head in a good few instances, mostly about me being weary I guess, but also the fact that I don’t particularly believe that N. was ready before hence her “veering” off. 

With so much of your info right on the money we can only hope that this time she is a little more serious, my gut says she is. 

Again thank you, you seem to have a really good grasp on the cards.”

Randy K., USA