What I Do


WHAT:   You have a challenge or a decision to make and you’re not sure how to best move forward. We pull Tarot cards. I ask you very specific questions to uncover the messages that are inherent in the images on the cards, making space for your unconscious, your own inner wisdom to communicate with you. Together we interpret the symbols and stories and uncover answers that apply only to your specific situation.

A session with me goes beyond simply “talking at you”, providing information: My intention is for you to feel deeply connected to any insights gained. To empower you to move forward. To take the next right action.

HOW:   Live online via Skype. Or if you want me in person, I do “guest stints” at local stores (always listed on the Events Page). I also do intensive work with small groups by arrangement.

NO, REALLY, HOW:   The universe mirrors back to us our perceptions, experiences and relationships. The cards provide a visual key, a language, that show us those “clues”. By looking at the cards in the context of specific questions, you are able to receive insights and information that was hidden from you before. I’m your translator and tour guide for the duration of our work together.

WILL I GET TO FIND OUT ABOUT MY FUTURE:  Yes and No. The cards will definitely indicate “if you go down this path, this is what you will most likely encounter”.  Could be all smooth sailing. Or could be that you’ll likely encounter nothing but obstacles and emotional challenges. And you get to decide if you’re up for that. Your call – no judgment.

And when we choose to follow that “harder road”,  the cards serve as a summons to use our free will. To go into any choice we make with our eyes wide open and know the “why”, the payoff we get for entering that specific situation.

Because no matter what the cards indicate, any path we take inherently holds an opportunity to grow and an invitation to more fully embody our unique potential.

HOW MUCH:  You can choose between

a) A 30-minute session for $60 for one specific topic or concern (i.e. “Should I  take the job in Seattle or the one on Boston? ” or “How do I go about telling my boyfriend that I don’t want to spend Christmas with his family?”)


b) A 60-minute session for $100 to explore multiple issues and dive deeply into the patterns and motivations of your current challenges (i.e. “I want to start a family, but my wife keeps putting it off to pursue her career goals” or ” I can’t seem to hold on to a relationship for longer than than 6 months – what’s going on?”).

I’m also available for events and group sessions by agreement, please contact me at archetypecoaching@gmail.com for more info.

HOW FAST?   Skype appointments usually available within 72 hours (often sooner). I currently can accommodate evening and some weekend requests.

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What if the answers to your questions were available all around you, but shown to you in a language that you were never taught? Patterns, metaphors, archetypes, an energetic system that fluidly mirrors back to you where you are at any given moment? Enter the Tarot, a visual key that reflects these messages in such a way that they can be understood and interpreted to provide answers.

Answers about

  • Relationships: With spouses, lovers, bosses, co-workers, family members – what stands in the way of making it work?

  • Career: Your job, your business, your vocation – should you keep climbing the corporate ladder or take the leap of faith and go into business for yourself? What do you need to feel successful and fulfilled?

  • Prosperity: What is your biggest money block? Why are you having trouble paying the rent this month (again) and what can you do about it?

  • Home: Should you buy that house, move across town or across the country?

  • Growth & Transformation (everything else!)


I am a firm believer in the resilience of the human spirit. And I also believe that we all have all the answers we need already.

It’s just that sometimes those answers are buried too deeply within our psyche for us to be able to access them. 

That’s what the Tarot is for: To translate that knowing into images and symbols that open us up to a different point of view; that tell us a story in such a way that we can recognize and see and hear those messages; to give us the choice whether we are ready to take this new knowledge out in the world and apply it; or maybe sit with it for a little while, before we are ready to act on what we just found out…

My job as a reader is to help you receive these messages, to help you decipher that which your soul wants you to know. 


Work With Me