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A 30-minute reading allows for us to explore one area/question of your life (love, money, work, relationships, living situation etc.) and be able to ask any new questions that come up while we work together.

During a  60-minute reading we are looking at your life as a whole. We are able to answer specific questions and explore in detail different areas of your life to look for overarching patterns that act as obstacles to your growth and success. For these longer readings I might also look at your astrological chart, to see which transits or planetary movements are influencing you at the time

Ultimately we are working together to make sure that your are moving forward on the journey down your soul path with clarity and purpose.


30 mins Skype Reading – $60     BOOK A READING

60 mins Skype Reading – $100   BOOK A READING


As an example, one of the readings we may utilize is

The Blind Spot Reading 

This reading utilizes a framework called the “Johari Window”, which is a tool for assessing our relationship with ourselves and with others. It was developed by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950’s.  It shows us:

  • What everyone knows” – the public face of an issue or a person, that which is obvious.

  • What we know, but don’t feel comfortable sharing with others” –  what is behind the persona or facade we present to the world.

  • What others know, but we are unaware of” – the Blind Spot

  • What no one knows”  – the Shadow, something that is buried deeply in our subconscious, invisible to others and to ourselves.




I am available for pre-paid, one-on-one readings in the greater Los Angeles area. Minimum booking is for one hour, please email me for further details.

I also occasionally do “guest stints” at local businesses and public venues. Please check my Events Page for further info.



I specialize in leading small groups (6-8 people) through a Tarot experience that builds trust and closeness for the “tribe,” while also specifically answering questions of individual participants. The intention is for every person to walk away from this experience with the information they need to make empowered choices and move forward in their lives. More details here: Experiencing the Tarot as a Group.

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I am able to tailor Tarot experiences to your event and can accommodate larger groups. In its simplest form I would provide short 10-minute readings for everyone.

Or another example: Everyone pulls a card when first arriving and I will spend time with the entire group during a specific portion of the event. This means interpreting the archetypes and sharing how these energies may play out in your guests’ lives (or with each other – very potent when used among strangers!).

Please contact me with details of your event and I will work with you to find the approach that will be most meaningful for you and your guests.


I am also periodically facilitating group Tarot experiences consisting of a communal reading that is applicable to all participants. This means diving into one’s own unconscious perceptions and being open to “what is seen.” This is both a learning opportunity for those who want to get experience reading the cards themselves, as well as an opening to one’s own inner voice and talents.

If you are interested in participating in the future, please “FOLLOW” this blog in the sidebar so I can notify you.

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